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Master & Visa Refusing online gambling transactions:

Most people are not happy with their Master  & Visa credit cards refusing them to allow transactions on online casinos. However it is not exactly Master  & Visa fault, in fact they are very keen to allow this facility to their customers. Bet you have seen lots of casinos already offering Master and Visa casino banking. Actually they are bound by UIGEA bill forbidding them to allow such transactions. Master and Visa companies are not pleased with the overall situation and lately they are lobbying in government to have the regulation overturned or improved at least. After all, many players would love to use a Master and Visa casino account.

Efforts by Master & Visa Casino Payments:

Visa CasinoOnly MasterCard spent about a million dollar in the last quarter 2010, in for smoothing their way by lobbying the government. Both companies’ opinion is quite clear, they are losing substantial million of dollars worth business just because of regulations. Having said that, Congress never seriously considered amending the law as per the desire of both service providers. However lately soft corner for these companies spread forward in support of the favored senator Harry Reid’s & Barney Franks bills. Master & Visa casino payment options are also waiting on the verdict of online gambling transactions in particular states New Jersey, Florida and California. Provided they can convince authorities that no violation of UIGEA bill occurs when online betting transactions are processed.